Wednesday, May 21

New Blog!!!!!

Visit us at our new location. New look, same great flavor.

& Then there were 5

Hope to hear from you all soon.

xox Liz xox

Tuesday, May 13

Welcome Taylor Eve

No time to write out the details. We were discharged from the hospital this morning and I need to catch up on some much needed sleep. We hope you enjoy the photos of us with our sweet little angel. All our love to all of you. I'll be posting more very, very soon.

Love Liz

Monday, May 5

The belly shot

This just says it all for us. I absolutely love this picture... I think it may just be my favorite ever. Chris did a great job photographing me and the belly. Thank goodness Austin decided to jump in for a few shots. We asked him to tickle baby sister (which he does several times on a daily basis these days) and he captured this.... he is so hired! This is going to hang on her nursery wall. Undoubtedly a fantastic testimony to how much her big brother absolutely adores her already.

We had quite a few more pictures that turned out so amazingly well, but we both agreed that they are more private and not necessarily something I want to be posted all over the internet, showing only a little more skin than I would in a bathing suit. You may get to see them if you come to our house...

Wish me luck everyone! It should be any day now.
Love to all,

P.S. Alright, here's another one. Here he's giving baby sister a kiss. I just love how he's looking up at me.

Sunday, May 4

Dear Austin

You have grown to be such an amazing little bugger. Daddy and I adore every waking moment we get to spend with you. And although it may not seem like it at all times we love you more than anything else in this universe, and that's a really big place. So even though we may get angry at you for not listening or you may feel that we are pushing you to do big boy things that you don't always want to do, like go on the potty and fall asleep by yourself at night, and eat big people food, it really truly is only because we love you.

You are going to be a big brother soon and I know there are no words to express just how excited you are to meet your baby sister. I'm sorry that when mama goes out to the store that I don't come back with her because I know this makes you mad. I really hope that she comes soon too so that we can bring her home, and show her all the beautiful presents she's gotten while growing in mama's belly. That will be the coolest day ever for us.

Mama and daddy are going to need your help a lot when she comes home from the hospital and I know you're up for the task because you just can't stop talking about all the fun things we'll get to do, like give her a tubby and change her diaper. Just please do not ever forget how much we love you okay? Because mama might be tired for the first year or two, but I was like that with you too. It just takes a little while. I promise to be running and jumping and tumbling around with you again as fast as I can. Don't loose your sense of adventure and the fire you have right now because that would make me so super sad buddy.

The biggest job you have once baby sister gets here is to be yourself because she needs that awesome person to look up to... daddy and I are okay, but not nearly as funny, imaginative and crazy as you. Okay? Are you ready? I know I am, but I'll miss you when the doctors are helping mommy in the hospital. I think that's the only thing that really makes me sad, that I won't get to see your handsome face first thing in the morning.... I love you buddy. I know I've told you this a hundred times already and you'll probably hear it at least a million more but, you are the greatest big brother in the whole wide world. You're the best my little man.

Love, Mama

I found these lyrics in one of my parenting magazines. It's by the children's singer/songwriter Frances England, who's music I absolutely adore. I thought it was very appropriate for Austin and cannot wait for her new album to be released so I can actually hear the song.

Last night while
everyone was asleep

I looked out my window, up
through the trees

The sky was so big and
covered in stars

I knew a baby brother or
sister would soon be ours

Hey Ho, our family of three

Is growing beyond my
mommy, daddy and me

Hey Ho, just how will it be

When we add another branch
to our family tree?

Happy Birthday Friend

We had our friends Amy, Ava and Jack over for a delightful treat the other day to celebrate Amy's birthday. I picked these cupcakes up from Baltimore Cupcake Company in Eastport (thank you Kim) and they were absolutely heavenly. Quite the indulgence to enjoy with some of our favorite people. Happy Birthday Amy! We love you guys and can't wait! to celebrate in a more festive fashion, one that allows me to toast just how wonderful you are. xo Liz xo

Monday, April 21

Holy Cow!!! 3 posts in a row!!!

Here's a couple pics of Austin enjoying the spring weather at the park. We're so happy spring has officially sprung. Okay enough blogging for now.

xo L xo

I forgot

I can't believe I forgot to post these pictures from my shower in New York. Mom and Laura hosted the loveliest shower a girl could ask for. It was perfectly intimate and I really enjoyed the company of some of my most favorite women. My two best friends were both able to make it. Abbey traveled from San Fran and Leah was there too from up the street. It was so nice to have them at this shower as they couldn't make it to Austin's.

Our little man was spoiled as usual by his Grammy and had several gifts of his own to open the day of the shower. Then he, his Bo-be and his great-Grandpa enjoyed a little guy time.

Thanks so much for all you guys do for us. We love you so much and can't wait to bring this newest family member into the world. She has some pretty incredible women in her family to look up to. What a blessed little girl she is already.

If you cannot tell from the pictures, I'm carrying quite a bit smaller with this one than I did with Austin. Hopefully she's not pushing 10 pounds when she arrives like her brother. I would like that a lot.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Love, Liz

Like a Fish!

Austin had his first swim lesson today and did so well, I just had to write and let you all know how proud I am of our guy. There are four children in the class. All boys and the other three are 4-year-olds who know one another. Austin took the lead the entire class and really showed the big kids up. Their parents couldn't get over how he was not intimidated at all by the water. At one point he even copied the instructor and took a dip under himself, came up a bit startled, but made eye contact with me (who was watching from outside) and began laughing and splashing all over again. I must say, I'm still a little nervous at just how comfortable he really is around the water, but feel confident that he will be swimming on his own in no time.

The outdoor pool at our gym opens for the season Wednesday, which I am thrilled about, not that I'll be in a swim suit anytime soon but Austin has a blast and that's what matters most.

Here are a few pictures I took with our little point-and-shoot outside on the observation deck. I was shooting through glass so they may be a little distorted. There are a couple here too of Austin having a blast splish-splashing in a puddle outside our house.

Sorry the posts have been so few and quite far in between. I'm sure once the little one arrives, I'll make up for lost time in a big way :o) Hope you are all doing well.

Lots of love, Liz

Monday, April 14

Planted - a non-photographed update

I know I've been bad about posting to the blog. I can't imagine it getting much better anytime soon though. I have a ton of photos to post from the baby shower my mom and Laura had for me in NY and lots to tell about from my shower here and birthday weekend to all the purging and organizing we've been doing here before the baby comes. All very lovely especially the birthday and showers. As for the purging and organizing...I'll spare you the details...

Yesterday Austin was helping me plant flowers outside. Honestly he was so darn cute and I didn't have my camera, nor the gumption to hop up out of the spot I had planted my rotund-self in to run inside, down to the basement to grab the camera. We still have more flowers to plant, but it nearly froze overnight here so we'll stick to indoor activities for today, or at least until it decides to warm up a bit again.

Other than that, I do owe all of you pictures of the beautiful bedrooms our kids have. Chris and I are very jealous as we have never had rooms as AWESOME! as the kids and little miss isn't even here yet. There's still a few odd and end things to get done in both their rooms, but I hope to have that accomplished today and will take some pictures and post them once I'm done.

Well we hope you're all doing fabulously. I will do my best to get some photographs up soon. Have to run, hit the gym or do something at least a little active :o)

Love, Liz

Monday, March 31

Finally getting a new post down

Austin at our neighborhood Egg Hunt

Sweet little Riley enjoying some eggs with mama

A-man sporting his basket around his neck, what a goof!

Austin at his school's egg hunt (he had just finished eating a blue 'peep').

Austin chilling out on our new and quite lovely green sofa, a.k.a the big green chair.

If only he would look at the camera...

...there we go.

The Egg hunt Easter morning at Grammy and Pop-pop's house

The start of a new tradition, decorating the octopus cake

Rough housing with Pop-pop

Kite flying at Maidstone Beach

Hannah lugging around a piece of drift wood bigger than her.

A-man throwing rocks into the water

Me flying the kite

Chris in the dunes with miniature Hannah in the distance.

Hello everyone. I know it's been a little while since my last post. Things have been busy here and as this little one in my belly comes closer to being delivered, I am loosing steam. I forced myself and poor Austin to stay indoors for most of the day today as I am trying to kick a nasty little cold and the weather just called for a day indoors.

We had a fabulous March, spending lots of time with family and each other. Austin is really growing to love art and brings home the most fantastic projects from school. I must dedicate a room to his masterpieces. I can't get over how big he is. He and I have many adventures throughout the day and he is a great conversationalist. Last week he helped me pot some flowers for our front doorstep and was really a big help. He rinsed and recycled all the plastic containers the flowers were potted in, filled the pots with dirt to the appropriate level and then watered the flowers once we were done. He's hired!!!

Chris and I are so proud at how well behaved he is and couldn't be more excited for him to be a big brother. He enjoys talking to my belly at bed time and telling baby sister just how excited he is to hold her and see how pretty she's going to be.

Well my photography has taken a backseat to long afternoon naps and quality time spent with Austin, but I do have a few to share here with all of you. I'm not able to capture at the angles I have grown to love so these are a bit more 'snapshot' like. That'll change soon enough. Just six more weeks until our due date! Then I'll having a lovely little lady to photograph... until she learns from her big bro' to run away from the camera. Enjoy the post and I hope to have more pictures for you all as soon as the sun decides to stick around for longer than just a couple hours one day in every 10.

Love to all, Liz and the crew.

P.S. Any suggestions for a new blog name? How about a few guesses as to what day this little one will arrive?